Did you know?

A group of clowns is called an alley. The term ALLEY comes from the circus days. Clowns kept their clothes and makeup in an area between the big top and the animal pens, thus an alley…so alley is used instead of club. We are proud that so many members of the Sun City West Alley joined with the Happy Trails Alley that we have moved to Happy Trails and we are known as:


What do we, as clowns, do?  We visit care facilities throughout the area, we attend parades, and what we like the best is attending the band concerts given by the Surprise City Band which plays for food donations.  It is fun for us to see people laugh and enjoy themselves.

We have staged two shows in our ballroom presenting to more than 600 attendees each time. It’s a lot of fun for both the clowns and the attendees. If you are interested in clowning, join us.