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I am interested in a particular property but don’t see any contact information. Is there something I’m missing?

If there is no red “Read More” button, click either on the title or on the photo. Additional details will display.

Where can I find more information about Happy Trails Resort and all that it has to offer?


What is an RV lot?

An RV lot is one that requires a Recreational Vehicle parked on the lot during any time the lot is occupied, even if there is other living space (i.e., an Arizona Room) on the lot. RV lots also provide RV hookups for water and electricity.


To understand why some lots require an RV, while others do not, requires understanding Happy Trails history. Happy Trails came into existence back in the late 1980s as a destination point for folks with RVs. At that time it simply consisted of several thousand pieces of property (of varying sizes) containing nothing more than a slab of cement (and hookups) on which to park and live in one’s RV. The most basic rule was that the living quarters on the lot had to be at least 24 feet long and had to have come in on wheels, meaning one could bring in an RV, a trailer or even what’s called a park model (a mobile home no larger than 400 square feet). Owners could also add to their property something called an Arizona Room (containing guest quarters, etc.) and/or a shed for storage. Many lots today contain park models but one can hardly tell since rooms and decks have been added over time and the entire structure may be covered with unifying siding or stucco. If you look at the various properties in Happy Trails, any lot not designated as an RV lot may simply mean that under the exterior hides a park model that came in on wheels.


Happy Trails also contains some larger mobile homes.

Can RV lots include storage or a living structure?

Yes. Some RV lots have sheds for storage, others have what’s called an Arizona room for living space, and some have both.

Can non-RV lots contain RV parking space?


Is there RV storage nearby?

Yes. In the northern part of the resort there is locked storage for RVs.

Is there a post office in Happy Trails?