Property Owner FAQ

How can I get started?

Check out these items in the Help file:

1. Requesting lot ownership verification

2. Logging in

3. Changing my password

4. Creating an ad

I uploaded more than one photo. Why is only one displaying?

If you used the “Featured Image” option, that is the only photo that will display. If you don’t use the “Featured Image” option (preferred), photo #1 will be “featured”.  To correct, edit your ad and click on “Remove featured image” – the rest will then display. Then be sure your featured image is the first so that it shows up front.

I created an ad but my description isn’t displaying and instead is requiring a login to see it. How can I fix that? 

When creating your ad you most likely clicked on the protection option at the bottom of the page. This feature protects your ad from anyone except members who are logged in. To correct this problem:

1. After logging in, edit your ad.

2. Near the bottom of page, where it asks “Do you want to protect this content?”, select “No, Do not protect this content”

3. Click the blue “Update” button.

Is there a recommended way to compose my ad?

Here are some suggestions:

Ad Title:

  • Start with “For Rent – ” or “For Sale – ” followed by a short summary. (For example: “For Rent – Large Corner Lot with Arizona Room”)

Ad Description:

  • Include availability dates near top.
  • For rentals, included any price variations.
  • Include number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • To achieve spacing between items or paragraphs, use two blank lines. (For some reason the system doesn’t properly recognize one blank line.)

In my ad description I inserted a blank line between my paragraphs but they don’t appear in the ad.  How can I fix this?

For some reason, the system doesn’t recognize the first blank line so it is necessary to insert two blank lines to achieve one. (Who knows why!)

Why is there no calendar, like on the old site?

There’s no way to attach a calendar so that property owners can control it themselves and we would then be back to having a volunteer do all the postings – very labor intensive. In addition, visitors complained about having to scroll through the months only to find no availability in the desired dates. This way, if you just post and update it in the description, they will know right away.